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Your MAP solution for quality preservation!

Organic solutions for the treatment and preservation of high-value commodities in bulk packaging.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

When a great deal of care, time and attention is devoted to creating a high-quality product, you don’t want it to be negatively affected by moisture, oxidation or insect infestation during transport, handling and storage.


Preventing insect infestation traditionally involves the use of toxic gas. The increasing demand for a more natural and sustainable treatment method led us to create special machinery, the VacQPack system, and bulk packaging materials.

VacQPack promotes...

Food Safety

Safe food is one of the most critical guarantors in ensuring human health. Our packaging material keeps your commodities protected, safe and secure.

Cost efficiency

Cutting costs without cutting food safety. Our big bags help you save time and money by allowing for easier and faster handling in food supply chain.

Quality preservation

Quality preservation and shelf-life extension can be a challenge in the process of transporting and storing commodities. The VacQPack solution helps you master just that challenge.

Organic Treatment

The VacQPack solution is a preventive and curative treatment. It does not require any chemicals or additives. Which means that it is non-toxic and organic. Your goods stay organic!

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