What others say:

“We are happy to serve our clients with the VacQPack packaging solution, offering a perfect protection during transport and storage. The bio-treatment option for organic cocoa beans is our main interest.”

— Molenbergnatie, Belgium

“For us, the VacQPack packaging solutions is an additional quality preserving measure in order to achieve and maintain our high degree of customer satisfaction.”

— Hoang Son, Viet Nam

“Many of our spice products need to be protected against external influences which adversely affect product quality. The VacQPack packaging solution enables us to secure our goods and ensures that influences such as moisture, oxidation, and insects during storage and transport are controlled. It is a part of our overall high quality standard.“

— Harris Freeman Vietnam Co. Ltd.

“Many of our customers are looking for a quality preserving bulkbag packaging solution. In VacQPack we have found the ideal solution. As a service rendering company we are now offering this as new added value packaging- and bio-treatment service to our customers.”

— SOGES-sp Thermopest, Italy

“Quality preservation is very important for our cargoes. That’s why we always advise our suppliers to use the VacQPack solotion.”

— Sunrise Co. Ltd., Viet Nam

“To become a leading cashew exporter in Viet Nam, we are aware of the importance of quality management. The VacQpack solution is our choise. It helps us to add more value to our brand.”

— Loc Viet Cuong Joint Stock Co., Viet Nam

“Offering our customers the best possible solutions within our services is our main goal. The VacQPack packaging- and bio-treatment solution is a valuable extension of our service portfolio”

— Roca Defisan, Spain

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