Storage of medicinal herbs | China

Keep in storage environment medicinal herbs such as leaves, mushrooms, plants and twigs at their original sensory attributes.
Protection from pest menaces and prevention from cross infestations.


It’s a commodity that needs to be kept organic to maintain its extremely high commercial value. Therefore requires a biotreatment before packaging, overcoming chemical fumigations.

Solutions & results

VQP delivered in one single process both solutions: organic fumigation as a pest controller and packaging for large volumes.
The chosen treatment was vacuum + CO2, because there was a known infestation. While the chosen machinery was the Cleanpack combi to package large and small volumes simultaneously.

Mind that the treatment did go on even after sealing and stored the VQP packaging.

Dried powder and grained leaves | Kenya

Preservation of dried powder and grained leaves in Kenya against moist and oxidation.


The client was looking for a vacuum and controlled atmosphere solution to be applied in big bulk packaging.
To hold short storage at origin, the time of a maritime container shipment to Europe and again, short term storage for processing.

Solutions & results

VQP applied vacuum plus N2 achieving a controlled atmosphere low in oxygen in a completed sealed packaging. This proved to be reliable against external influences and moisture through all the storage/transport/storage process. Always having one single packaging and no extra work in loading and unloading.

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