Bio treatment of dry/solid fertilizers 

Fertilizer preservation is a challenging subject due to the phenomena of dust, corrosivity and lumps formation or agglomerates (caking). For the fertilizers conservation VacQPack flexible hermetic packaging can control dust emission, minimize caking (bag set, pile set), steady free-flowing and minimize moisture pickup.

The fact that this bulk package is designed to work with large volumes makes the processes of handling, transport and conservation under MAP more efficient. Several projects around the world and in different sectors of activity have been adopting the bulk packaging. The commercialization of fertilizers have been following this same market trend, using polyethylene PE inside liners in big bags. The VQP’s Vacsac follows this same principle with the added value of a vacuumed controlled atmosphere in air and water tight bags, that protects the goods from precipitation, moisture absorption and other external factors.

A proper packaging solution for fertilizers can produce an important strong positive ecologic impact. Although thought to serve the food industry at first, VQP is definitely a valid alternative for the conservation of commercial fertilizers features. The modified atmosphere packaging MAP combined with low pressure in an hermetic flexible packaging system will better keep the fertilizer’s nutrients, increasing its effectiveness on the field, saving money to farms and above all, capable of protecting the environment.

Fertilizer preservation

The company counts with Ludo Luyts, expert in Agricultural Sciences, to study and develop technical solutions in conserving fertilizers under MAP. The entire concept of our service is to adapt to the client’s reality. Meaning that VQP can perform tests with your cargo and at your environment to tune the right controlled atmosphere program.

Tests are performed by companies’ technicians and normally are evaluated either by the clients own laboratory or by a third party. Once validated the optimal treatment protocol, the Cleanpack software can memorize and replicate the exact bio treatment in every package, making even digital and printable records of it.

For a customized technical solution for your preservation challenges, mind to answer the following