Bio treatment of plastic granules 

Good storing conditions for plastic granule* preservation have to take into consideration its chemical composition and exposition to external factors.
Conservation of polymers it’s pretty much related to volume, to finishing quality, to lifespan and to complexity. All these factors are to be taken into account for an accurate evaluation on chemical compounds changes.

Analysis of volatile organic compounds VOCs is therefore a valuable way for understanding the chemical developments involved in polymer degradation and for the identification of materials.

The ethylene-vinyl alcohol EVOH gas barrier combined with modified atmospheric packaging MAP is a flexible packaging solution that provides high strength, light weight and excellent machinability.

Although VacQPack technology was initially designed to serve the food industry, its packaging features have been explored by other sectors, including chemical.

Again, the VacQPack hermetic flexible packaging alternative composed by a standard mirrored liner of Polyethylene PE / Adhesive HV / Polyamide PA / ethylene-vinyl alcohol EVOH plays an important role, due to its very low transmission rates on both oxygen and water vapor.
Oxygen transmission rate OTR: < 3 cm³/M²/day (ASTM D3985 – 23°C / 75% RV)
Water vapor transmission rate WVTR: < 0.8 g/M²/day (DIN 53122 – 23°C / 85% RV)

plastics granule preservation

The thickness of 200 microns makes sure that even pointiest granules can be packaged under vacuum without risk of leaking.

*Polypropylene granules; Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA); Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC); Polycarbonate Resin; Polyethylene Granules

Polymers can be dried up using vacuum technology. The evaporation phenomena is the main hazard to be controlled at a previous stage to package. VacQPaxk equipment delivers an homeostatic controlled atmosphere on which polymers will find no room for physical and chemical variations once packaged.

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