Bio treatment of feed

The problems related to feed preservation on bulk packaging are feed degradation, mold growth, decomposition and contamination. Horse feed conservation is a niche market of a very valuable commodity. A proper packaging conservation for animal food can be on bulks under vacuum and controlled atmosphere CA. Important results can be achieved by the lack of oxygen, low pressure levels, controlled atmosphere and a gas tight liner, such as:

• Overcoming oxidation and rancidity
• Solving problems related to high and uncontrolled level of content moisture
• Preventing and attacking insect infestations like dust mites
• Promoting the stabilization of the antioxidants and vitamins

Serious problems can result from bad horse feed packaging. Mould growth can happen in the field (plant-pathogenic) as well as throughout processing and storage. Mould together with heating and moisture content can originate mycotoxins and that’s a serious danger.

“Differences of opinion exist regarding the role of molds and mycotoxins in livestock problems basically because their effects on animal health and production are still in a grey area” (Seglar & Mahanna; 1995)

Due to the low rate on water vapor and oxygen transmission, the VacQPack liner promises a good performance against such dangers, even on the harshest temperature and humidity conditions.
The overall outcome is a prolonged shelf life over the standard paper or polyethylene bags.

In fact, most of horse feed manufacturers recommend its consumption on the first 30 to 60 days. VacQPack system can enlarge such lifespan, targeting and even overcoming that timeframe expectation, and at the same time, it can also deliver a product with the same sensorial attributes as it was once packaged.

This bio treatment packaging system is also designed to be opened and resealed for cargo removable and sampling. The process can be performed multiple times on warehouse environments, taking more profit from the investment.

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