Bio treatment of organic rice

Rice preservation using VacQPack is a method that controls moisture content, following the post-harvest drying process. The rice conservation has different approaches from East Asia to the Americas, being dependent of multiple factors such as the type of grain, the heat and humidity of the country and the infrastructures available for storage and processing.
Scientific studies have been discussed among professionals and specialists about the quality preservation using modified atmosphere on rice. Opinions are unanimous on MAP as a valid alternative to decrease spoilage and assure the rice quality.

The VacQPack bulk storage made of liners alone (inside liners) or covering the adopted packaging systems (outside liners), will permanently control the inner atmosphere, creating an homeostatic environment where rice can be kept in perfect physical and chemical conditions.

VacQPack has experience on treatments and preservation of both conventional and organic rice around the world. It’s most recent practice in Thailand made an interesting case study, because it showed not only the advantages of using a package that delivers a bio fumigation, it also optimized the logistic process of transoceanic commerce. Finally, it showed that traditional chemical fumigation can be suppressed by a purely organic approach – recognized and supported by public organisms at origin and destination of the cargo.

Oryza sativa

Rich in selenium, high in manganese and rich in naturally-occurring oils.

Traditionally, rice is stored in open systems, warehouses, in bags or open granaries, exposed to: rain, insects, rodents and birds attacks.
Good practices says, as storage precondition, that rice shall be dried immediately after harvest up to a max of 14% of humidity or less. Risks like insect infestation, proliferation of microorganisms (especially in wet rice), oxidation and lipases, all are originated from poor storage conditions, and they can represent even higher costs in the case of organic rice.

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