Bio treatment of tea leaves

Dried tea leaves preservation is considered shelf stable, but improperly stored can stale, oxidize or go rancid. Conservation of loose leaf tea faces the hazard of moisture absorption and impurities that will affect both flavor and aroma.

VacQPack airtight hermetic bulk solution will stop degradation in aroma or taste or by oxidation on loose leaf tea. In like manner, by storing it, VacQPack is actively serving on its aging process. In other words, properly storage the tea leaves will change over time and increase its palatability. Henceforth the ambient oxygen left on purpose in the container allows the tea to oxidize in a controlled fashion.

For instance Oolong tea leaves are classically airtight sealed to age for several years. Uniquely, VacQPack’s equipment can actively control the amount of Oxygen O2 present on the package – controlled atmosphere CA.

The challenge on storing tea in airtight bulk package is to be able to manage the cargo volume. Meaning that part of the merchandise have to be removed to be processed into retail smaller packages. Then, its’s important to restore the original airtight conditions, with less cargo and yet, with the same percentage of Oxygen O2.

VacQPack allows such procedure, because its liner is ready to be opened and resealed. In addition, its equipment has software memory to replicate the same original bio treatment program. In other words, it will deliver the exact same values as part of a proper modified atmosphere packaging policy.

Camellia sinensis L.

This system allows the operator to define the exact amount of Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Nitrogen N2 to be flushed in order to control the Oxygen O2 level.
Resuming, tea leaves can be packaged under vacuum and under a controlled atmosphere without risks on their body integrity. The reason behind this is purely technical. In fact, VacQPack is the provider capable of delivering a MAP solution that measures and controls the pressure and the flushing applied.

Packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants. Tea leaves offer nutrition without calories.

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