Bio treatment of nuts 

Tree nuts like cashewalmondhazelnutpistachiowalnut, brazil nuts, macadamia and pecan are valuable commodities.
Groundnuts have a comparatively lower market value, but are produced in very large quantities.

Oxidation and rancidity caused by moulds are common threats on nuts preservation and VacQPack method can prevent from. Actually, its bulk packaging and organic fumigation brought very positive operational results to the industry of cashew nuts already, with considerable reduction in losses due to oxidation, condensation, infestations and other external factors.

The new packaging has become palatized, mechanized and therefore easier to handle. It has turn out to be even more competitive than the conventional jute bags system, because it does not require as much work force for port consolidation or unloading at destination, doesn’t need drybags for the dehumidification on container or carton for additional protection.

So, nuts preservation for storage and transportation purposes knew in the last years a great shift of paradigm. The cashew nut industry has replaced the traditional bag sacking from 20 to 60 kg by big bags of 1 to 2 tones.

This was a successful swing on the industry, that many others can replicate. It required small adaptation from the operations point of view and when all the players realize that all gained from it, the adoption curve was fast.

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