Bio treatment of walnuts

Walnut preservation requires special attention to impermeability and gas tightness of the packaging option. The VacQPack liner plays an important role on the walnuts conservation, due to its EVOH layer that protects the walnuts from oxygen and water vapor transmission.

Due to their high oil content, walnuts can quickly go rancid in interaction with oxygen.

A biotreatment using low pressure and low level of oxygen will guarantee the best storage conditions, as studies states (JUDY A. JOHNSON; 2000), because it tackles problems such as condensation, acidification, oxidation and infestations.

Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella), the most serious storage pest of dried fruits and nuts, was effectively controlled by all storage treatments, including a maintenance CA treatment of 5% O2.

When identified an infestation, like the Almond moth, Ephestia cautella, or the Oryzaephilus Mercator, the common nuts weevil, VacQPack recommends the flush of CO2 as part of a correct MAP strategy.

CO2 applications are very effective against almond moth in quite short exposure times and can be regarded as an alternative to MeBr.

Juglans regia

The flush of CO2 allied with vacuum and storage temperature (>24C) will perform a successful bio fumigation. Even eggs, that normally are always the most dangerous element, because they can hatch long after the conventional fumigation, get eliminated.

The organoleptic characteristics of the walnut is conserved and packaged in palatized bulks, which turn the handling and overall logistics less time and money consuming. Empirical experiences worldwide on the nuts sector has been the way for VacQPack to improve its solution, being it ready to preform always accordingly to the parameters decided by the client.

Source of omega-3, vitamin E, B-complex, copper, manganese and iron.

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