The Cleanpack is a turn-key vacuum system. The working parameters such as depth of vacuum and the pressure during flushing (MAP) are guided by the processor.

Status of the process and possible leakages can be detected and are shown on the screen. For each commodity the working parameters can be stored as a program.
The Cleanpack can be operated fully automatic or in manual mode.

CS500 sealer and frame.

The CS500 sealer is designed for smooth processing in a mechanical way, guided by the frame to avoid human mistakes.

The sealer is suitable for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene, laminate and aluminium films.

Pulse sealbar

Stainless steel impulse sealer for sealing flexible synthetic packages. Seal and cooling time are separately adjustable to suit the type of material. It is equipped with upper and lower sealing bars. The impressive seal quality, makes this machine suitable for many different applications also for users of special laminates.


A mould is used to create packages that exactely have the outside sizes of its pallets and also have a perfect square form.

Without any overstand, these packages easily fit in racks and are also easy to load in a truck or container.


VacQPack liners are multilayer films containing an excellent gas barrier (EVOH) to protect commodities against: humidity, oxygen and insect infestation. These liners have a special gas exchange valve and can be tailor made according to your application and packaging size.


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