Set of equipment
VacQPack solution has a set of equipment, composed of:

  • Machinery
  • An unique patented valve system in combination with a tailored special seven layer gas tight liner
  • A heat sealer

All of our equipment is designed and manufactured in association with Oltremare 

VacQPack can deliver a MAP treatment in combination with low pressure using its equipment’s Cleanpack combi 501/2.5 (combi) and Cleanpack 2.6 (portable).

VacQPack counts on three different ways of packaging big bulks:

  • The outside liner, that will involve a big bag or stacked bags
  • The Vacsac (high quality big bag FIBC with glued – in liner)
  • The inside liner (that can be supplied with an additional exterior protection made of card box in the square and octangular format)

VacQPack can also package smaller boxes until 25Kg using the Cleanpack combi.

Tests can be performed to comprehend which is the best program possible:

  • To make sure the commodity is preserved against the identified hazards
  • That its packaging cycle time will be accordingly to the production expectations
  • The system will make sure that every package will receive exactly the same treatment
  • Bio treatment data can be stored, registered on the package itself using a sticker and shared (USB port)

More information

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