VacQPack liners are multilayer foils containing a perfect gas barrier (EVOH) and several other layers to protect commodities especially against: humidity, loss of quality and weight, infestation of insects and other biological and environmental disadvantages.

These liners have a patented valve. Liners can be put inside or outside big bags or other packaging materials (cardboard boxes, cases etc.). Liners can be tailor made according the desired volumes or the pallet sizes requested

Vacsac – big bag + glued inner liner

Outside liner for big bags

Outside liner for stacked bags

Smaller packages (up to 25Kg)

  • The Cleanpack combi 2.5 has a vacuum chamber where smaller packages can receive a biotreatment of vacuum and MAP and then automatically sealed.
  • A mold can be developed on purpose to achieve the package format desired.

Specifications of the liner are:
Type of film : PE/HV/PA/EVOH/PA/HV/PE
Thickness: 200 µm (± 2%)
Oxygen transmission rate: < 3 cm³/M²/day (ASTM D3985 – 23°C / 75% RV)
Water vapor transmission: < 0.8 g/M²/day (DIN 53122 – 23°C / 85% RV)

Liners for big bulks always have integrated the VacQPack high tech valve, while liners for small packages don’t need the valve.