Cleanpack 2.6

The  VacQPack Cleanpack 2.6 is a powerful and high-tech computerized vacuum system. The working parameters such as depth of vacuum, the frequency and the pressure variations during flushing (MAP) are guided by the processor. Status of the process, pressure and possible leakages can be seen on the screen. For each commodity to be treated, the working parameters adapted to the requests of the process are introduced in the menu. From that starting point on, the VacQPack Cleanpack 2.6 can work fully automatically. Of course there is always the option to control processes manually.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

A separate cylinder (nitrogen of carbon dioxide) or a separate nitrogen generator can be used for the flushing of the bags in order to create the optimum conditions inside the bag. By first creating the vacuum followed by flushing, the costs for the inert gas will be optimized. CO2 and N2 can be purchased from local market, if required, and at customer charges.

Technical data 

VacQPack Cleanpack 2.6 vacuum unit based on a vacuum pump

  • Sturdy painted carbon steel frame on wheels for easy handling and moving.
  • Cover protection and easy access to the components area.
  • Electrical cabinet integrated into the main frame with fan cooling system.
  • Setting of working parameters according to the specific product and the relevant process requirements.
  • Complete with special vacuum head

Overall dimensions :
Power supply :
Vacuum pump capacity :
Maximum installed power :
Minimum final vacuum pressure :
Room temperature :
Max relative humidity / altitude :
Electronic control :
Control panel :

CE mark /Product made in CE/EU

mm 700 x 670 x 1200 (H)
230V±10% / 50Hz
25 m3/h
1,5 kW
50 mbar
12 – 40 °C
75 % / 500 m. a.s.l.


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