Cleanpack Combi 2.5 – 501

The VacQPack Cleanpack Combi 2.5-501 is a really industrial and multifunctional device. The “Combi” in the name is because the machine has two separate modes to work. On one side it is a traditional chamber machine for large frequency productions of smaller packaging (10-25 kg) inside the vacuum space of the machine. On the other side there is the external installation with tubes and valve head to process larger packaging (up to 2000 kg) by using the patented VQP-Gas Exchange Valve. The same vacuum pump, the same processor and the same display are used to guide both packaging process.

The VacQPack Cleanpack Combi 2.5-501 packs food commodities like dried fruit, rice, spices and any other dry granulated products in bulk packages from 10 kg up to 2000 kg under vacuum and/or in modified atmosphere.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

A separate cylinder (nitrogen of carbon dioxide) or a separate nitrogen generator can be used for the flushing of the bags in order to create the optimum conditions inside the bag. By first creating the vacuum followed by flushing, the costs for the inert gas will be optimized. CO2 and N2 can be purchased from local market, if required, and at customer charges.

Functioning in gas chamber mode

VacQPack Cleanpack Combi 2.5-501 packs under vacuum and/or in modified atmosphere by adding carbon dioxide or nitrogen. By means of a gas mixer (supplied as an optional) coupled to the machine, it is possible to inject mixture of the two gases in variable proportions according to the product characteristics. The open package, duly prepared, is pushed by the operator to the machine center through an idle roller.

It is possible to pack different sizes, by simply registering the height of the mold support base and of the feeding idle roller. The mouth of the bag is positioned on the sealing bar and fixed to a device that keeps it tense during packaging operations.

By closing the lid, the area containing the package is insulated and the work cycle starts and proceeds as follows:

  • Starting of the vacuum pump
  • Injection of compensation gas, if programmed
  • Rest time, if programmed
  • Bag sealing
  • Restoring of the ambient atmosphere inside the chamber and cooling
  • It is then possible to open the chamber and replace the sealed package with a new one and re-start the cycle

Functioning in external mode is similar to the VacQPack Cleanpack 2.6 device

Technical data 

Cleanpack Combi 2.5-501 vacuum unit based on a vacuum pump, suitable to pack different sizes of packages from 10 to 2000 kg,  based on the bulk density of the product to be packed

Unit dimensions closed :
Unit dimensions open :
Vacuum chamber inner dimensions :
Power supply :
Vacuum pump capacity :
Installed power :
Minimum final vacuum pressure :
Room temperature :
Max relative humidity / altitude :
Electronic control :
Control panel :
Compressed air supply :

CE mark /Product made in CE/EU

950 x 1300 x 1100 H mm
950 x 1300 x 1420 H mm
630 x 320 x 920 H mm
3-phase 400V±10% / 50Hz, without neutral, with ground
60 m3/h
2.2kWh electric motor
50 mbar
12 ÷ 40 °C
75 % / 500 m. a.s.l.
min 4 bar – max 7 bar, air shall be fully dry and oil free


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