Bio treatment of industrial hemp seeds

Industrial hemp seeds preservation passes though stabilizing its moisture content (<8%), reduce both oxidation and exposure to light, and block insect infestations. The industrial hemp seeds conservation takes in consideration its high oil content, which is related to rancidity (measurable by peroxide values).

Thanks to the vitamin E presented on hemp seeds, by default oxidation and rancidity are kept at bay by the seed itself. Still preservation measures must be applied if it’s needed a long term storage, for which it’s common practice the use of an airtight container.

VacQPack solution can expand the shelf life and the quality of hemp seeds using its flexible hermetic Vacsac, inner liner and/or exterior liner. Either one of these packaging solutions delivers a bio treatment during storage that keeps the hemp seed protected from any exterior menace, including adverse atmospheric conditions or any other specific storage condition.

VacQPack liners with Ethylene vinyl alcohol EVOH gas barrier will make sure that the hemp seed content moisture is stabilized in a value below 8% (after artificial drying process is applied).

This also means that variables like environmental temperature will not affect the germination capacity of the cargo. Temperature will in fact play an important role on fighting identified plagues of insects, because above 24C the VacQPack “three weapon system” initiates and all bio menace from weevils, moths and others gets eliminated.

Canabis sativa L.

Extended assessments have been conducted over the quality of the hemp seed after long time storage using the VacQPack technology. The overall results is that the shelf life does indeed gets increased and that the remained quality parameters are secured.

Source of non-animal proteins for the production of dairy products. Rich in GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid), omega-3 and omega-6.

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