When it comes to service, VacQPack stands out by going the extra mile. Not only do we deliver our quality equipment and consumables to wherever you may need them, we also see to it that the VacQPack solution does actually bring the envisioned solution for you. So that our solution is your solution, so to speak. For real. And that doesn’t end with the delivery. That’s only where it starts!

So, after delivery, we make sure you get all the assistance you need to help you install and use the equipment. That means that we will guide you through the installation process and help you start using the machine. And should you experience any difficulties or have any doubts, we’ll make it over to you in person to help you get started.

Now, that’s what we call service. Or rather: customer care!

The vacqpack solution as a service

Are you not ready for the investment yet? We gladly perform the treatment as a service at almost any location around the world. We come to your facility, bring all the necessary supplies and treat your valuable goods.

The vacqpack solution as a DEMO

Would you like to see the VacQPack solution tested? Please do contact us for a demo at one of our locations!


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