Non-toxic, curative treatment of insect infestation.

All stages of a present insect infestation can be eliminated using low pressure (vacuum), low oxygen (MAP condition with N2 or CO2), and temperature during a specified period of time.


VacQPack allies MAP with vacuum in bulk packaging for loss prevention, quality conservation and curative organic fumigation. VacQPack is the unique brand operating worldwide offering a biotreatment known as “the three weapon system”. The same combines low pressure (absolute vacuum pressure of 500mbar), low oxygen or presence of inert gases (CO2 and N2 ) and temperature (24C as minimum kernel temperature).

VacQPack targets prevention of common and expensive damages during transport and storage; such as: oxidation, infestation, moisture, molds and their toxins, loss of taste and color, hygroscopy, condensation, evaporation etc.


Non-toxic insect control
Also known as Natural Pest control, VacQPack uses inert-gases (Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen) to deliver a biotreatment to infestations of bugs such as weevils, beetles, borers and moths. This same method allows VacQPack to better control the moisture with the merchandise.

Stabilized and controlled moisture content
Climate-controlled storage packages are beneficial by preventing damage from moisture build-up and growth of molds.

Shelf life extension
By minimizing the condensation and infestation risks, VacQPack can consequently expand the shelf life, keeping spoilage at bay. VacQPack improves resistance to oxidation events, ensures color stability and no undesirable off-taste.

Almost all sizes and volumes of dry commodities can be processed
Cleanpack 2.6 can process big bulks, while the Cleanpack 2.5 have this same performance and can process smaller vacuumed package (max of 25Kg)

Reduction of costs on storage and transportation
The VacQPack system develops strong vacuum forces, promoting the volume reduction of light weight products. Dimensions can be also managed. Molds will allow the package on different shapes, like rectangular, square and cylindrical. The container volume is optimized and both storage and transportation become more efficient.

Go mobile and requires low investment on facilities
Compared to traditional vacuum and MAP facilities, VacQPack requires relatively a low investment. Its equipment is fully mobile and inexpensive comparably (VacQPack biotreatment will be between a range of 2 EURO cents and 5 EURO cents per Kg).

VacQPack has a proven footprint of different projects worldwide
Its portfolio of projects, goes from diverse latitudes to an impressive variety of commodities, all with optimal operational results.


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