Today is the first day of the third edition of the Dutch Food Waste Free Week.

Food waste prevention in your kitchen is always a good idea. For the climate as well as for your
wallet! But did you know that, when it comes to food waste prevention, we as VacQPack do our bit
already at the beginning of the food chain?

We specialize in the packaging of products in an ecological way by using so-called modified
atmosphere big bags. For example, if you package cashew nuts in the country of origin under
modified atmosphere (MAP), mold and condensation don’t stand a chance.

And this while the container load from Vietnam, for example, is exposed to varying conditions during
transport through different climate zones such as cold, heat and moisture. The multi-layer liner of
the big bags forms an excellent oxygen and moisture barrier.

This way, the quality of the cashews is preserved and food waste prevented!