Particularly on humid and hot areas, problems like condensation, variation of moisture content, oxidation and in some cases insect infestation, are common on the difficult task of keeping the quality of soybean seeds during storage.
The refrigeration is the conventional technique for preservation, but it requires a great deal of investment on infrastructures and implies significant expenditures on energy. Besides, once the seed leaves the refrigeration mode, gets again vulnerable and enters in a rapid degradation process.

Increase the soybean seed time storage while keeping its germination potential and viability, overcoming the natural 3 month period where the seed is matured and is at its top quality and effectiveness.
Replace the refrigeration method, due to its maintenance costs and flaws on keeping the seed quality under very low temperature.

Solutions & results
The Vacsac packed 1 ton of soybean seeds under low pressure and low oxygen condition; at the same time, the VacQPack’s exterior liner packed a group of palletized 40Kg paper bags of the same strain. Both packaging solutions served the purpose of stabilizing the inner controlled atmosphere CA with residual percentage of oxygen and an higher value of Nitrogen N2 (around 96%). Both were stored using pallets in the already existent warehouse and at the regular atmospheric conditions.
The soybean seed was successfully storage for a long period, monitorization took place along the way and at the end, all parameters of quality were satisfactory (NDA study).

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